Welcome to MWP lab in NUAA 
The Microwave Photonics Research Laboratory (MWP Lab) was established in April 2011 by Professor Shilong Pan, located at building A10 in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, No. 29 Yudao Street, Nanjing 210016, China.

Starting from an empty room, the MWP Lab grew up very quickly. Our capabilities now enable us to carry out systems experiments using the integrated-photonics devices for high performance wavelength-division multiplexed microwave photonics links, photonic microwave arrayed signal processing and photonic-assisted multifunction wideband RF systems with bandwidth >40 GHz. A 30-square-meter clean room is under construction. The main instruments in the lab can be found here.

Funded by several key programs from the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Education, and Jiangsu Province, the  research topics of MWP Lab are mainly on (1) optoelectronic oscillator and its applications, (2) analog photonic links with large dynamic range, (3) photonic-assisted multifunction wideband RF systems, (4) microwave photonic measurement and sensors, (5) intelligent radio over fiber, (6) integrated microwave photonics. The main research projects can be found here.

The research team consists of a full professor (Shilong Pan), an associate professor (Ronghui Guo), two assistant professors (Dan Zhu and Yongjun Xia), three PhD students and fifteen Ms students. Prof. Jianping Yao (IEEE/OSA Fellow and Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering) is a Qian Weichang Chair professor of MWP Lab. He would visit MWP Lab for more than 2 months each year.


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