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Model 5185 wideband preamplifier 
50Ω or 1MΩ input impedance
low noise
x10 or x100 gain
DC to >200MHz frequency response
DC offset control
line power
Analog RF Signal Generator Agilent E4421B 
Agilent Inc.
250 kHz- 3GHz;
RF modulation bandwidth 35 MHz;
R&S RTM 1054 Oscilloscope 
Input channels: 4 channels
Bandwidth (–3 dB) at 50 Ω input impedance:500MHz
Sample rate:5GSa/s
Memory depth per channel:4 Msample for each channel ,8 Msample for each channel
FFT dynamic signal analyzer 
102.4 kHz at 1 channel, 51.2 kHz at 2 channel, 25.6 kHz at 4 channel
100, 200, 400, 800 and 1600 lines of resolution
90 dB dynamic range, 130 dB in swept-sine mode
15 Measurements and 7 different source signals
SR844RF Lock-In Amplifier 
Stanford research systems
25 kHz to 200 MHz range
80 dB dynamic reserve
Time constants from 100 µs to 30 ks
(6, 12, 18 or 24 dB/oct rolloff)
"No Time Constant" mode
(10 µs to 20 µs update rate)
Auto-gain, -phase, -reserve & -offset
Internal or external reference
Two 16-bit DACs and ADCs
GPIB and RS-232 interfaces
WaveShaper Programmable Optical Processor 4000s 

frequency band: C band(1527.4 nm to 1567.5 nm);
filer bandwidth: 10 GHz-200 GHz(0.08-40 nm);
filter shape: arbitrary;
frequeny setting resolution: +/-1 GHz(+/- 8 pm);
fequency setting accuracy: +/-2.5 GHz(+/-20 pm);
bandwidth settng resolution: +/-1 GHz(+/-8 pm);
bandwidth setting accuracy: +/-5 GHz(+/-40 pm);
bandwidth setting repeatability: +/-2.5 GHz(+/-20 pm);
group delay control range: -25 ps-+25 ps;
attenuation control range: 0-35 dB;
attenuation setting resolution: 0.01 dB;
attenuation setting accuracy: +/-1 dB from 0-10 dB,+/-10% from 10-30 dB;
insertion loss: 4.5 dB;
PDL: 0.2 dB;
Max total optical input power: +27 dBm;
max optical power per 50GHz channel: +13 dBm
Calmar femtosecond fiber laser 

pulse width: <0.1 ps;
wavelength: 1550 nm;
repetition rate: 10 MHz;
phase lock loop: locks to 10,000,000+/- 50 Hz RF clock;
averge power: >10 mW;
spectrum width: 40 nm;
fiber type: SMF-28;
connector type: FC/UPC;
APE pluseCheck USB 150  
APE German

•Autosetup: scan range | signal amplification
•Trigger input - for broad variety of trigger signals
•High resolution data acquisition - 16 bit
•High speed real-time measurement
•USB 2.0 full speed interface to PC
Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier AEDFA-35-B-FA  
Amonics limited

operating range: 1530-1563 nm;
input power range: -40~-10dBm;
signal gain @ -40 dBm input signal: >35 dB;
signal gain @ -10 dBm input signal: >30 dB;
noise figure@ -20 dBm input signal: typ. 4.2 dB, Max. 4.5 dB;
input/output isolation: >30 dB;
pump control mode: automatic current control;
displayed output power @-10 dBm 1550nm input signal: 21.7 dBm;
optical connector: FC/APC;
optical fiber: SMF-28;
(There are two modules in our lab.)
High power Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier AEDFA-33-B-FA 
Amonics Limited

operating range: 1540-1563 nm;
input power range: -6-+3 dBm;
saturated output power@ 0 dBm 1550nm input signal: >33 dBm;
noise figure: typ. 5 dB;
input/output isolation: >30 dB;
polarization dependent gain: typ. 0.3, Max. 0.5 dB;
polarization mode dispersion: typ. 0.3, Max. 0.5 ps;
optical connector: FC/APC;
optical fiber: SMF-28;
control mode: automatic current control & automatc power control
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